Supporting Health with Nutritionhelp

Within a Nutritionhelp report we include recommendations and suggestions tailored to each individual. These will include a personal supplement programme, and then additional ‘optional’ supplements or creams which the client can choose to use if they feel they need short-term help with a specific symptom, while the underlying health issue is supported nutritionally. For example, balancing blood sugar, bringing intestinal yeast under control and supporting adrenal health will all have a beneficial impact on female hormonal health and PMS, but sometimes it can be of value to include a specific herb to help with symptoms of PMS, while waiting for the body to respond to the dietary changes and recommended supplement programme.

Life-Style Tips
A Nutritionhelp report also includes Life-style tips to work together with the dietary and supplement advice. One example of this is the benefit of taking Epsom Salt baths, to encourage detoxification via the skin. Our skin is a highly porous membrane, so when minerals are added to bathing water the process of revers osmosis is triggered, which draws salt from the body, along with harmful toxins.

Epsom Salt Baths
We suggest that a good handful of Epsom Salts are added to a bath of running warm water. When the crystals are dissolved relax in the water for at least 20 minutes, allowing for the removal of toxins from the body and also for the absorption of the minerals. It is important to remember that the bath is not for washing purposes as the use of soap reduces the effectiveness of the salt. Ideally, the water should cover you up to your chest. One Epsom salt bath a week is sufficient, some people may actually feel a little weak after bathing, so keep well hydrated, before, during and after the bath. Epsom salt baths are not recommended if you are pregnant, or if have any form of renal failure (due to its high level of magnesium) which is processed by the kidneys and may lead to toxic levels.

Natural Beauty Treatment
You can also use Epsom Salts for natural skin and hair care.

As an Exfoliant:
Place several grains of Epsom salt in your hand, add a little water and then massage into your skin. Rinse off with clean water.

As a hair volumiser:
Epsom salt can also be added to conditioner and may help add volume to hair. Try combining equal parts conditioner and Epsom salt. Work the mixture through your hair and leave for 20 minutes, then rinse.

These beauty tips are not backed by research studies and are likely to have varying degrees of effect on different skin and hair types. Remember, we are all unique. Whenever trying a new natural product on the skin I aways caution to use just a little to begin, to check that your skin doesn’t have any form of reaction.

Generally, Epsom Salt is a safe product to use weekly for bathing, and skin and hair care. It is increasingly available, found in pharmacies and supermarkets, and also available online through The Natural Dispensary – contact me for order details.


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