Winter has returned to the UK!

For many people, wild and wintry weather makes them think of taking steps to keep themselves well. Strengthening the immune system is of course crucial to this, and removing candida overgrowths from the body can make a tremenous difference. If you have already registered for my Candida Info Pack, or if you are thinking about it now - and if you really want to look forward to a candida-free and healthier life - I encourage you to follow very carefully the advice I've made available to you in this online educational Pack.

The eight downloadable booklets which I've written, and the six months of weekly-emails you'll receive, are all written from my personal experience of fighting candida, followed by three years of nutritional training and then over twenty years of giving nutritional advice to people whose health had been ruined by an overgrowth of candida. Before I retired from clinical practice, I was consulted by nearly 1,000 people a year for 16 years - without any advertising. They came because of word of mouth from clients who had got well. In the process of advising so many people, I gained a great deal of experience which I can pass on to you.
Many people have reported improvement in their health simply by following my Beat Candida Cookbook, but it's possible to provide even more detailed advice in the Candida Info Pack.
Let wild and wintry weather double your determination to beat candida once and for all!


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