Happy Christmas from Erica and Emma at Nutritionhelp

As another year draws to a close many of us look back on the past 12 months and take stock of where we are – work, finance, family, hobbies, etc. This assessment invariably also includes our health. So often I hear people talking about various symptoms they are struggling with as though they are automatically part of the ageing process. However, if you are prepared to make some dietary changes you may well find that the New Year sees a change in your health pattern. Joint problems, skin conditions, headaches, hormonal-related issues, fatigue, muscle ache, depression, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight, can all benefit from a tailor-made nutritional programme. If you have been wondering what to do to support your health, why not make 2016 a year to take nutrition into consideration?

Nutritionhelp offers tailor-made online reports with the option of having telephone or Skype contact with me to help you apply your Nutritionhelp recommendations. Maybe you have a loved one who has been struggling with poor health – CFS/ME, an eating disorder, frequent migraines or Fibromyalgia. Why not consider a last minute Christmas gift of a Nutritionhelp report – a gift that goes on into the New Year.

Nutrition doesn’t supply a magic wand, but making changes to the way we eat and adding nutritional supplementation, such as vitamins and minerals to ensure the body is receiving what it needs, forms a good basis of support, which for many clients can be life-transforming. For others, encouraging health can take more determination, and my role as a Nutritional Therapist becomes more like that of a detective – to find what might be holding back good health, such as allergies, detoxification, or adrenal fatigue.

So, whether you are a client who has seen wonderful encouragement this past year, a client who has seen improvement but still has a away to go, or whether you are just beginning to think about supporting your health nutritionally, we all at Nutritionhelp would like to wish you a very happy Christmas, and a healthy New Year.


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