Christmas Gift Idea!

For those of you who are struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for ‘Someone who has Everything’, here is an idea which I have only just come across. It is the ‘Spiralizer’! Now, I have not got one, and I don’t know how well it works, but the idea is fantastic! A Spiralizer is a hand held gadget that cuts veggies into spiral strands, making a perfect alternative to pasta, or adding interest to salads. If it is hard getting vegetables into picky eaters (and I know that this doesn’t only apply to children!) this is an easy way to disguise vegetables, along with, or in place of, spaghetti.

For those of you who are reducing weight, this is a helpful way to increase vegetable consumption. In my weight loss appointments I encourage clients to fill half the plate with veg, just over a quarter of the plate with protein (fish, chicken, eggs, pulses) and just under a quarter of the plate with whole grains (such as quinoa, buckwheat or wholegrain rice, or the more starchy vegetables, such as parsnips, butternut squash or sweet potato). For most people this is a complete ‘about change’, moving from a predominantly carbohydrate- based meal (e.g. a plate covered with rice or spaghetti with some sauce on top) to a vegetable-based meal. Using a Spiralizer may make such a transition more helpful. Vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – all helpful for supporting and maintaining health. For those of us who already feast on veggies this gadget may provide an interesting addition to the textures on the plate.

Clients who are working to support gut ecology might find the Spiralizer helps to add variety in serving vegetables – both cooked and raw, particularly benficial as you increase vegetable intake to replace fruit in the diet.

I am afraid I have no idea how well this little gadget works, but I thought the discovery of this kitchen equipment was too good not to share! Amazon has several versions, starting at £6.99, going up to £17.00. I just may be getting one with any Christmas money that comes my way! I’ll let you know how I get on!


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