Happy Birthday, Erica!

This weekend saw a wonderful time of celebrating Nutritionhelp co-founder, Erica White’s 80th birthday. At 80 years young, Erica is still going strong, playing an ongoing – albeit back-seat – role in Nutritionhelp. Erica’s introduction to the world of nutrition was, like many of our clients, due to her own history of poor-health, and the realisation that in addressing what was eaten she could support her health more effectively.

From finding out how to balance her blood sugar to working out a programme to support the balance of her intestinal microbes, Erica doggedly studied and read to become a source of knowledge and inspiration to others, many of whom have had a far from easy health history. You can read more of Erica’s own story in her book Doughnuts and Temples.

Health is a precious commodity, and Western life is far from helpful! Even when nutritional protocols have encouraged good health we have to beware of ongoing stress, pollutants, and sugars and additives creeping back into our diets. Since Erica’s original experience of bringing intestinal yeast under control, she has continued to support her health as optimally as possible. At 80 she is free from prescription medications – her blood pressure is more typical for someone half her age, no problems with blood sugars or unhealthy blood fats, no antacids or sleeping tablets. I am not saying that these medications are wrong – they are essential for many and can prevent more serious problems. However, it is interesting to note that after 40 years of following a nutritional approach to her eating, Erica is seeing some all-round benefits.

So if you are wondering whether you are too old to think about nutrition, think again! It may be hard to initially learn to eat a more natural diet and to reduce sugars, but making these changes may support your health through the ageing process.

To celebrate Erica’s birthday we had a ‘cake’ with a difference. Made purely from fresh fruit, this ‘cake’ isn’t suitable for those on the yeast-free programme, but it makes a great alternative to sugary cakes once you have re-established a healthy gut ecology, or if you are wanting to provide a healthy celebration cake for children.

I know that there are many clients, up and down the UK and around the world, who have appreciated first hand Erica’s knowledge and support in Nutrition, who would like to join with me in wishing Erica a very, very happy birthday – and many more to come!


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