Updated Beat Candida Cookbook

At last the updated version of my Beat Candida Cookbook has been launched and is available from Amazon (either direct or through our ‘nutritionhelp.com’ and ‘candidainfopack.com’ web sites) and from bookshops. With a lot of input and new recipes from my nutritionist daughter, Emma Cockrell, it is very much expanded and revised and includes a great deal of help for gluten intolerance as well as other food sensitivities in people who also need to avoid sugar and yeast to help bring candida overgrowths under control. It still gives very full explanations of the 4-point plan that is needed to win the battle.

First published by Thorsons in 1999 (having previously sold over 11,000 copies in a spiral-bound photo-copied format), this new edition is flagged by Amazon as being their No 1 Bestseller for special diets! If you already have an earlier edition, you will find that a lot has changed in the past 15 years in our understanding of the impact of various foods, both for good and for bad! Please help to spread the word about this book so that it reaches those thousands of people who really need the help it provides. It is reckoned that 1 in 3 people in the Western world have problems caused by candida to some extent – and some are extremely ill. Lets bring them some help – and hope!


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