Christmas Gift Idea!

As we count the days down to Christmas, many of us are pressured by the demands of shopping and preparation, making what should be a happy, restful mid-winter holiday become a high stress enterprise! The pressure of choosing the right gift, for the right person, at the right price, can take some of the enjoyment out of December.

The idea of giving a present however, is incredibly special. The desire to show love, appreciation, thankfulness and encouragement with a gift is a wonderful token of friendship or family bond. Some gifts are particularly appreciated when they last longer than the holiday season.

So if you are stumped for a gift idea for a loved one, why not consider buying them an online nutritional report with Nutritionhelp! A thoughtful gift to support their ongoing health, a £30 Nutritionhelp report at includes:

a) An analysis of the completed questionnaire, with detailed comments and advice. This helpfully includes a ‘gut ecology score’ to assess the balance of yeasts and friendly bacteria, therefore indicating how much of a role yeasts, including Candida albicans, may be playing in health status.

b) Tailor-made dietary advice.

c) A personal supplement programme, including nutrients to help support immune system and liver function.

d) Advice on additional supplements or creams that may help symptoms recorded in the questionnaire. These are optional, to take when symptoms dictate while over-all health is being encouraged.

e) If applicable, advice on what yeast-free supplement (formally called antifungals) to take, when to commence and how to proceed, including the use of friendly bacteria.

Alternatively, a £47 Nutritionhelp report, in addition to the contents listed above, also includes 30 minutes of phone call time with me, together with 4 weeks of back-up support as short emails when necessary.

Payment for a Nutritionhelp report is made when the client submits their online questionnaire, so you would need to enter your card details at this point of the process if you are making the Nutritionhelp report a gift.

If you know someone who thinks they may be battling Candida Albicans overgrowth, you may like to purchase the Candida Info Pack for them. Consisting of 8 instant download booklets by Erica White and six months of weekly emails written by Erica, the Candida Info Pack offers exceptional value at the reduced price of just £16! You simply need to enter the recipients email address and contact details when completing the online application.

Nutritionhelp offers comprehensive and detailed nutritional advice, based on Erica White’s impressive work in clinical practice, helping thousands of clients over the years. We are currently offering all our facilities at greatly reduced prices, so there has never been a better time to invest in an online nutritional report. Drop me an email now at if you want to check the suitability of a Nutritionhelp report for either yourself or a loved one.


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