Erica White's Beat Fatigue Handbook

Beat Fatigue Handbook Extract from Foreword by Patrick Holford, Founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, Author of The Optimum Nutrition Bible, 100% Health (both published by Piatkus) and many more.

"This new, enlarged and enriched edition of Erica White's excellent book presents a level of thinking applied to eliminate systematically the most commonly-found contributive factors which lead to chronic fatigue. Backed up by volumes of experience, most importantly her own, the information given is highly practical and proven to be effective.
Although necessary to change one's lifestyle, it is never easy but, with good support and management, I am sure that the vast majority of readers will benefit from following this advice and find themselves able to offload their unwanted cargo and sail free, back into a way of living which is in line with the natural design of the human body."

Chronic Fatigue has many names - but too often there's a lack of practical, sympathetic advice to help sufferers back to health. If you've been diagnosed with M.E., Chronic Fatigue, Post-Viral Syndrome - or have received no diagnosis but know that you are long-term depleted of energy - then this time you've come to the right place.
Erica White's groundbreaking nutritional and lifestyle therapy has already helped thousands back to health. Now her Beat Fatigue Handbook, which includes over 50 simple recipes, is the beginning of your road to recovery.
The book identifies the range of fatigue triggers and explains how each one will overburden our bodies if it goes unchecked. Erica White's Beat Fatigue Handbook helps you to find out why your body became exhausted in the first place and shows how you can break free. Enter into a more loving and respectful relationship with your body, and make a full recovery from fatigue.
Erica White is a retired nutritional therapist. For many years she ran her own clinical practice in the UK and lectured around the world. She is co-founder of Nutritionhelp, which provides online nutritional advice, and also the author of Erica White's Beat Candida Cookbook and Doughnuts and Temples.

Published by White Publications, 2004 - ISBN 0952146533
Also published as an e-book in 2015.

Erica White's 'Beat Candida Cookbook' - updated and expanded August 2014

Beat Candida CookbookTo use as part of a Four-Point Plan (details included) for attacking Candidiasis.

A new edition of the bestseller which has transformed the lives of 1000s of sufferers. Flagged by Amazon as their No.1 Best Seller in Special Diets. New foreword by Patrick Holford.

If you are suffering from yeast-related health problems - the effects of an overgrowth of Candida albicans - this book will help you to overcome them. Many problems are associated with candida - symptoms which range from chronic fatigue to aching joints and muscles, and lead to a weakened immune system. Review in Healthy Eating magazine: "Erica White is a woman on a mission - she makes the battle logical and achievable."
Offering more than its name implies, this Cookbook describes symptoms and causes of yeast infection. Contains over 340 recipes and indicates the energy required to prepare them! It also includes a new chapter on gluten intolerance, with gluten-free recipes to enjoy alongside the anti-candida diet.

New edition published by Thorsons, August 2014 - ISBN 0 7225 3856 1
Also available as an e-book.

Doughnuts and Temples

Be Nice to the Body God Gave You!

Doughnuts and TemplesErica suggests that many Christians do not enjoy the fullness of life that Jesus promises, because our eating habits are not given over to God. 'Surely God would rather we co-operate with him for our health than keep running to him for healing?' This book is set in the context of the author's own spiritual journey which led her eventually from sickness to health - and to a new career in her fifties as a nutritionist. Includes nutritional advice for many health problems.





Published by White Publications, 2004 - ISBN 0952146525
Also published as an e-book in 2015.