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In case you are wondering who I am, let me tell you about myself! The most important thing for you to know is that, for fifty-three years of my life, I was plagued with candida - though for most of that time I didn't know it was candida. When I finally made the discovery that candida was the cause of my life-long ill-health, I tried everything I came across in an attempt to be free of it, but with no success - until, little by little, I put together an anti-candida four-point plan which not only transformed my health - but my whole life!

What I have been able to achieve since I made this break-through at the age of 53 has been little short of amazing! When it first happened, so many people saw the difference in me that they asked what I had done; and this question was soon followed by another, "Do you think you could help me ?"

Although daunted by the prospect of attempting to help other people, I nevertheless felt that I would love to be able to pass on the discoveries which had made so much difference to my own health, so I wondered if I could find a training which would qualify me to do this. Soon after I arrived at this point, I heard about the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London and, although doubtful that they would consider taking a 53-year-old grandmother as a student, I applied for their course which would train me to become a Nutritional Therapist - and I was accepted. Then followed three years of very hard work - but I loved every minute. Among other things, I learned the underlying biochemical reasons for why the steps I had taken to overcome candida had been effective, which further strengthened my confidence in the four-point plan. Eventually, I not only qualified with distinction but also was top of my student year!

While I was training, an increasing number of people had become interested in what I was doing so that, by the time I qualified, I had a clientele ready and waiting for me to set up in practice. Although I hadn't planned it that way, it soon became clear that my own experience of overcoming candida gave me an enthusiasm for helping others with candida-related problems, so it was not too surprising that these were the ones who predominantly sought my help. In addition, I soon realised that candida plays a part in a great many seemingly-unrelated health problems, from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia to hormonal problems, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, and even mental health problems like depression and anxiety. I found that a candida-based nutritional approach to these and many other conditions, both physical and mental, was frequently very effective, and as a result my practice grew to the extent that we needed to move from our house into clinic premises to make room for a growing team of staff.

I ran my clinic for sixteen years. In addition to clients attending for personal consultations, I was able to help 'distance clients' from around the world by mail, email and telephone. This was made possible by using an extremely detailed questionnaire which I could analyse in order to produce a report giving appropriate nutritional advice for a wide range of health problems. My husband, Robin, gave up his teaching career to become practice manager and we set up a company called Nutritionhelp. Almost 1,000 clients each year requested a consultation, and during this time I also wrote three books ('Beat Candida Cookbook', 'Beat Fatigue Handbook' and 'Doughnuts and Temples') and many articles. In addition, I gave many lectures to students of nutrition and also to the general public as far afield as Dubai. In 2003 I launched a research project investigating the connection between candida and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and in 2005 the project report was published in the Toronto-based 'Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine'.

I continued living my extremely busy life until, at the age of 71, I made a decision to retire from clinical practice - but at the same time to launch an online questionnaire system so that people could continue to benefit from my years of training and experience. This involved a great deal of ongoing hard work, so I certainly hadn't chosen retirement for an easy life!

Even though, after sixteen years in practice, my clinic is now closed and I am no longer a working practitioner, I still long to point the way for people (like you?) who are looking for an answer to their candida problems. (If you already know that candida is at the root of your problems, you have a head start! Many haven't yet realised it, and the medical profession is unfortunately often not used to recognising candidiasis.) I am therefore offering specific 'candida help' through this web site, so that you - and thousands like you - can win your battle against candida and all its horrendous symptoms.

When I retired from clinical practice in 2006, I was highly privileged to be made an Honorary Fellow of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT). On the certificate it says, "in recognition of her service and dedication to the science and profession of nutritional therapy". To achieve such recognition after battling with my health for over fifty years must surely speak for itself. The reason I've told you my story is to encourage you to believe that you, too, can win such a victory!

Take a look at the advice I am offering you in this Candida Info Pack. Even before you register, you can access an introductory booklet, 'Candida - and How to Beat It!, with details of the four-point plan which you will need to follow. Once you have decided to order the Pack and made payment, you will receive access to eight booklets for immediate download, and also a series of encouraging and informative emails (written by me) each week for the next six months. My sincere aim is that the contents of the Candida Info Pack will help to restore your health so that you can look forward to living a full, active and healthy life - and probably even find, as I did, that you will have more energy, vitality and stamina than you ever had before!

If at this moment you are uncertain whether candida is your problem but suspect that it might be, fill in the Candida Score Sheet on this web site. This will help you to assess the possibility and/or severity of candida-related health problems. If your score is more than 25 - and certainly if it's close to 50 - that is good reason to register for my Candida Info Pack. It is full of advice which has been followed - successfully - by literally thousands of people who have been my personal clients or who have faithfully followed my on-line advice. There is every hope that you will find, as they have done - and as I did before them - that this particular strategy, with its four-point plan, will give you the best possible chance of gaining victory over candida once and for all.

Register now to receive the Candida Info Pack, plan your strategy, then attack with all guns blazing. Your resident candida will never know what hit it!

With my very best wishes


Erica White, Dip.ION, FBANT
Founder, Nutritionhelp